Investment casting, also known as a lost wax casting, has been used for many years to produce delicate and accurate metal components. At Agile Engitech we Design & Develop Wax Injection Tooling. As the name suggests, it is the process for casting wax components for lost wax casting processes.

In industries like medical and defense where precision is a critical factor, customers count on Agile Engitech to provide the investment casting tools they need. We offers a world-class design and manufacturing of high-quality custom tooling for a wide variety of sectors.

For example, Agile Engitech is a leading producer of investment casting tooling used to manufacture 3-D blades, Impellers, Multi-Insert complex sliding tools and vanes for the aerospace industry. We provide our tooling solutions in the medical, electronics, oil & gas, agricultural, and automotive sectors.

Our high-quality die ensures you get final casting that is precise & consistent whether it is single cavity or multi cavity. High precision guaranteed.