Injection Moulds for Plastic Parts

The design of the injection molds is one of the final steps in new product development. The product or component must be ready for mass production. Thanks to 3D Printing and other technologies that help deciding final product geometry. Post small batch production, once design is finalized its time for Multi Cavity Injection Mold. 

Injection molds are highly complex and highly expensive and when it comes to achieving better surface finish and precise products it needs special expertise. 
We as Agile Engitech , are a specially qualified team who are having 15+ years of manufacturing complex injection mold tooling. 

We have built various injection molding tools for Food and Beverage, Automotive Parts, Medical & Pharmaceuticals parts, Household Products ,Agriculture, etc.
We engage with our customer during the early design phase to reduce the mold complexity by removing undercuts, unnecessary features and offer DFM solutions. 
We have developed injection molds for various grades of plastic like ABS, PP, Delrin, PVC, PET etc.